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How to Block Someone on Whatsapp?

Many people are annoyed persons we donít want to see them or get into touch. Whatsapp gives you opportunity to talk to thousands of people at once. You can easily block the person whom you do not want to see. Many people are struggling to get best results. Some needs more attentions and some deserves to be block. The blocked guy wouldn't be able to see your latest Whatsapp Status. Girls are irritated by the boys because they seem to talk with the girls and do misbehave. Blocking is the last option one girl has when no one is ready to hear that she is ignoring you. You will see the contact details that you wants to ignore just move to that ID and tap on this. Try to follow the steps below to ignore and block the persons whom irritate you.


A girl feels irritated when boys messages her
They feels so ashamed when someone messages her
They simply wants to ignore that person without letting them know
You must move to the ID of that person whom you wants to ignore
Tap on that ID and just you will find the information sign icon, tap on that
You can easily get into touch with so many people and behaves like a good chatters
There you will find the option to delete the contact and then block the contact
Blocking is the option when one does not stops to messaging and feels so much
When you ignore that person you will not able to see the messages and cannot read statuses of that person
Many people wants to integrate with you, you will simply ignore the stranger guys

Online Chatting

You can use friends chat room to chat with friends safely. You can use this chatroom as it is so cool to talk to peoples. You can easily ignore the persons whom you do not like very easily. Some people are so much perfect to have the conversation with them. Some people blackmails you and do very bad so you want to block them. Most of the people love each other and also hate each other. Some people and strangers message you and spend most of the time together. The blocked guy would not be able to see your latest Whatsapp Status freely. This chat site is more secure than the whatsapp only some people have right to send you message. You can also make off your private messages on this website. So people can easily stop talking to you, you will not able to see the messages of the strangers. If you are admin of the room then you can define the rights of other people too.